Enhancement 4I. Import raw survey data

Enhancement 4I: Import raw survey data
Import raw survey data

Enhancement 4I. Import raw survey data

Module 4
This enhancement applies to Module 4

If you hold existing raw survey data and would like ResearchSquirrel to mine it for valuable insights, this service is for ResearchSquirrel to import your data, up to twenty questions,   into our systems and to run fundamental integrity checks to ensure it is ready and available for valid Primary Analysis.

We also carefully study your survey methodology and entire questionnaire in detail to establish standards of veracity for starting to analyse and interpret the data.

To get your import and analysis underway, you supply:

  • In Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or Microsoft Word format (.DOC or .DOCX):
    • A covering document explaining —
      • the research objectives
      • fieldwork date range
      • invited respondent characteristics (e.g. customers, staff, geographics, demographics, buyers or non-buyers, etc)
      • any sampling quotas applied
      • final response rate (number of actual respondents and the total number of invited respondents)
      • questionnaire administration method (e.g. self-completion online, CATI, in-home interview)
    • A full copy of the questionnaire (exact wording and sequence) including any welcome, preamble, screener and concluding remarks, item rotation or interviewer probing instructions, and noting any branching instructions or A/B divisions accordingly
      • Note: even if you are having only a subset of your questions imported and analysed, you must provide the full administered questionnaire.
  • In Microsoft Excel format (.XLS or .XLSX):
    • The detailed codeframe for each precoded question
    • A sheet of respondent raw responses, with questions in columns, and respondents aligned in rows, the first data column being respondent number
    • Multi-responses for a particular respondent/question must appear together in an individual cell with each response separated by a comma (no spaces) within the cell. No trailing comma.

If the questionnaire you would like ResearchSquirrel to analyse contains more than twenty questions,   you should add an appropriate quantity of Extra 4J: Import Additional Question to your order.



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Enhancement 4I. Import raw survey data

Have ResearchSquirrel import your own survey raw data, up to twenty questions   and prepare it for analysis by ResearchSquirrel.



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