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As an entrepreneur you’re most likely considering bringing an innovation to market, perhaps one that disrupts existing norms, or is even a radical transformation. These are at the same time significant opportunities and challenges. As investor Howard Marks famously said:

“Being too far ahead of your time is indistinguishable from being wrong.” — Howard Marks

High-value market research helps you avoid being "wrong". It can establish not only the likely market demand for your new offering, but helps plot a much more clear and direct course to success. For example, ResearchSquirrel can help you:

  • Choose the most valuable branding and positioning.
  • Develop the feature-set that represents your minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Employ the most persuasive marketing messages at launch and early growth.
  • Maximise your cash income from the outset.
  • Establish in advance which features to invest in, in which order, to meet your rapidly-evolving market demand.
  • Manage price elasticity according to sales volume or profitability, whichever is your priority.
  • Choose the most effective channels for making your product available.
  • Reach and convince early buyers who are most likely to help champion your brand.
  • Facilitate paths to purchase by effectively building mental bridges and guiding the journeys new buyers undertake to consider and buy your product.
  • Advance independent market evidence to persuade financial institutions to approve new debt funding for your venture.
  • Value your venture fairly so that you and other investors can agree on contributions and equity holdings.
  • Persuade and align co-workers, employees, suppliers and channels on the most effective courses of action.
  • Map the early growth of your venture.

Incorporating our purpose-built LauncherSquirrel™ methodology, ResearchSquirrel can bring these insights and more to your entrepreneurial opportunity, while minimising the problems inherent in asking folks for ‘feedback’ about a new product they’ve not experienced before.

With ResearchSquirrel’s expertise, agility, modularity and market-leading cost competitiveness, now there’s no defense for not knowing.


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